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We appreciate the fact that every single one of our customers will have individual needs, therefore we choose to work hard and meet those specific requirements. 


We undertake all types of Air Conditioning and electrical work – from the design, supply and installation of Air Conditioning systems (from single split units through to multi VRF systems) to the servicing and maintenance of existing units. We have experience of installing and working on these types of systems in telecom data rooms, offices, clubs, schools, banks and domestic premises'.



We also offer a Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme for your air conditioning installation. Regular maintenance is vital if you wish to prolong the working life of your air conditioning system and to keep your system performing at a top level of efficiency.


To help prevent system failure and to ensure systems continue to perform at optimum efficiency, we advise that systems are

periodically inspected, cleaned & tested by trained personnel.

Our maintenance contract comprises of: Competitively priced annual, six-monthly or quarterly visits, thorough inspection and unit checks, cleaning and testing of systems, anti-bacterial treatments




Our engineers are experienced installers in a wide range of equipment brands.  We will always recommend the system and brand most appropriate to your application.



If your unit is not cooling/ heating effectively we are able to diagnose and repair the fault.  

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Electrical services carried out by fully qualified electricians.

Please see the 'RTC Comfort Protection Maintenance Plan' for more details. 


We specialise in all aspects of Plumbing Jobs, Services, Problems & Repairs, Blocked Drains, Toilets & Waste Pipes. RTC plumbing services available in Croydon & its surrounding areas. Call today for local, qualified and highly experienced plumbers.


RTC have local plumbers on hand covering a wide range of domestic plumbing services, including full bathroom installations, leaking pipes and radiator repairs, new tap fittings and toilet unblocking. Offering high quality, professional plumbing services with a rapid emergency response time. By having local plumbers in your area, you can trust us to deliver first class plumbing solutions every time. Available day and night as RTC plumbers can arrive at a time suitable for you. Our plumbers are fully qualified and have years of experience in the trade, including both planned and reactive work. For us, no jobs are too big or too small.

Protection Plan


''Your answer to all year round - comfort and peace of mind"


Comprehensive air conditioning, refrigeration and heating maintenance can result in:

  • Increased comfort 

  • Lower operating cost

  • Increased system capacity

  • Ensure longer equipment life

RTC Professional Technicians will come out twice per year*** to perform our 37 point maintenance program.

1. Clean the air filters


2. Check for damage to mouldings and louvers


3. Clean cover and oscillating louvers 


4. Check operation of air deflection louvers


5. Check condition of heat exchanger coil


6. Check blower fan scroll for tightness


7. Lubricate indoor fan motor


8. Clean and/or sanitise condensate drain pan 


9. Check condensate pump (s)


10. Inspect drains for clear water flow


11. Inspect electrical connections


12. Test electrical safety controls

13. Test thermocouple


14. Analyse indoor temperature differences


15. Check calibration of thermostat


16. Analyse voltage difference


17. Check the air distribution 


18. Check controller operation


19. Replace controller battery


20. Check for damage to external components 


21. Check blower fan blade(s) for tightness


22. Lubricate external fan motor(s)


23. Check condition of heat exchanger coil


24. Brush away any debris around condenser

25. Check compressor anti-vibration mountings


26. Check isolator switch


27. Check interconnecting cables


28. Check for unusual vibration


29. Check pipe connections


30. Inspect pipe fixing


31. Check “superheat”


32. Check correct operation of “reversing” valve


33. Check high and low pressure switches


34. Inspect cabinet for corrosion


35. Inspect fixing bolts for security


36. Test system in cooling (and heating) mode

37. Review system operation with user(s)

***Two visits per year are satisfactory for most systems. However, some systems (e.g. those in particularly dusty areas, or those you rely on to run continuously), may need additional attention. We will advise you if this is the case in your scenario. 



Here at Right Temp Control Ltd we are always open to all enquiries and always help out our customers in every aspect. We'd love to hear from you, fill out the form if you have an enquiry or contact us via the details at the bottom of the site.

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