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Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

It is a compact size and is typically the least expensive. This type air conditioner is designed to be mounted at high level within a room to achieve  a good distribution of air throughout. Most of today's wall-mounted air conditioners are    heat-pumps, also being capable of energy-efficient heating operation to provide controllable comfort  throughout the year.  Wall mounted air conditioners are typically controlled via an infra-red remote controller and are available with cooling outputs from 2.0kW up to 10kW. They are also a popular choice in computer rooms, where the potential for a water leak to occur makes ceiling-mounted type units unsuitable.

Ceiling-Suspended Air Conditioners

Ideal for keeping wall-space free when no ceiling void exists, it is able to deliver conditioned air to quite a distance, making it a good choice for long but narrow areas. 

Ceiling-Cassette Air Conditioners

Ceiling-cassette type air conditioners are designed to be recessed into a suspended ceiling, leaving  only their slim line fascia panel on show. Space-   saving, discrete and provides a great distribution  of conditioned air. They are available in two body   sizes, being 'compact and 'standard'. They are typically heat-pumps, being capable of  energy-efficient heating operation to provide  controllable comfort throughout the year. Their multi directional discharge pattern makes them a popular choice for larger areas, where multiple air conditioners would otherwise be required to achieve an effective distribution of air throughout the area concerned.
Space-saving, discrete and provides a great distribution of conditioned air.

Floor-standing Air Conditioners

Floor-standing air conditioners come in various shapes and sizes. They are typically heat-pumps, also being capable of energy-efficient heating operation to provide controllable comfort throughout the year. The lower capacity, more compact models are ideal for small offices and light commercial space, where perhaps the installation of a wall-mounted unit is considered obtrusive, or where the high wall space within the room has been put to other use. The taller floor-standing models have a greater cooling output and are commonly used in retail or showroom type environments where their minimal footprint maximises product display space. Their small footprint also makes them a popular choice for computer rooms, being able to deliver a sizeable amount of cooling where floor space is typically tight. Neat and discrete - the floor-standing air conditioner can either be sat directly on the floor, or fixed to a wall at low level.

Concealed Ducted Air Conditioners

The concealed ducted type air conditioner offers the ultimate in flexibility and discretion. This air conditioner is designed to be concealed above suspended ceilings, or within 'back of house'  rooms to deliver conditioned air into the room via ducting and suitable ceiling or wall grilles. This arrangement provides immense flexibility, in terms of both the distribution of conditioned air, and the type of ceiling grilles / diffusers that best compliments the room styling. Today's concealed ducted air conditioners are typically all heat-pumps, being capable of energy-efficient heating operation to provide controllable comfort throughout the year. 

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